Bonus Birthday: Midlife Boogaloo

          1. Pink
          2. Four Narrow Escapes
          3. My Pizza Tis Of Thee
          4. Stone Avenue
          5. Making Pancakes
          6. Gone, Fishing
          7. Roll of Mustard, Hear My Cry
          8. The Unfinished History of You And How You Ate
          9. Queer Futurity
          10. Stank
          11. Boxed, Canned, Or Frozen
          12. Up For Air
          13. Lyrids

Issue 30: Rome(In) Wild: Prose For A Pandemic

Issue 30: Rome-in Wild

Illustration by Chris Silverman

          1. If I Live Too Long, I’m Afraid I’ll Die
          2. Sad Pandemic Latte
          3. Heavy, Or Light?
          4. Immovable Feasts
          5. Narrative Ecology
          6. Covidity
          7. Coffee At Home
          8. Hug Atlas
          9. Dear Diary

Issue 29: Darkness On The Edge Of Town

  1. Introduction
  2. Don’t You Shut Out The Lights And I’ll Light Mine
  3. Owl Lamp
  4. Queer Futurity
  5. 2-23-17
  6. Darkness On The Edge Of Troy
  7. Winston Dodge, Monster Hunter
  8. Sour Mash

Issue 28: Open And Shut

illustration by Chris Silverman

  1. Kyoto Protocol
  2. The Conscience of the King
  3. Move Forward, Look Within
  4. Spilled Milk
  5. The Unquiet American
  6. Animal Cruelty

Issue 27: Settling

illustration by Chris Silverman

illustration by Chris Silverman

  1. Quack Low, Sweet Chariot
  2. Eating Lunch Alone
  3. Going to Ground
  4. My Kitchen
  5. Dancing on a Hot Skillet

Issue 26:  The Weather Underground

illustration by Chris Silverman

illustration by Chris Silverman

  1. Passing Time At The Plaza
  2. Canada, Comfort Queers, and Cynicism
  3. Bakery On Premises
  4. Pour Lost Ones
  5. The Weather Underground

Issue 25: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Illustration by Chris Silverman

Illustration by Chris Silverman

      1. The Once And Future King
      2. Riddle Roundup
      3. A Pie, We Suppose
      4. Vacation
      5. My Pizza ‘Tis Of Thee
      6. Last Call
      7. Seen

Issue 24: Strange Medicine

Farmer General: Issue 24

illustration by Meghan Minior

  1. The River Squid
  2. Untitled
  3. Apache Chief and Little Bighorn
  4. A Box Opens
  5. Lyrids
  6. 6. Spell

Issue 23:  Parts of Speech

Issue 23: Parts of Speech

photo by Sarah Kanabay

  1. Unconditional Surrender
  2. The Ancient Egyptians
  3. Nothing at all Whole or Shut
  4. Beacons from Pangaea
  5. Parts of (Chinese) Speech
  6. The Good Part

Issue 22:  Bury the Hatchet

Issue 22: Bury The Hatchet

Illustration by Chris Silverman

  1. Up For Air
  2. The Grease Fire
  3. Splitting
  4. Guenevere, A Portrait
  5. A Hurdy Gurdy Song
  6. Why Can’t I be a Bureaucrat?
  7.  You Tell Me

Issue 21:  It’s Your Funeral

Issue 21: It's Your Funeral

photo by Sarah Kanabay

  1. Dorothy’s Ever After
  2. I Was Hungry
  3. Before And After
  4. A Bandage Made of Caviar
  5. Clean
  6. The Trappestine

Issue 20:  Love’s Lunches Lost

Issue 20: Love's Lunches Lost

Illustration by Maggie Madole

  1. Fatherless in Ypsilanti
  2. Hungry
  3. The Cream of Unknowing
  4. The Melon Thief
  5. The King of Sola Mesa

Issue 19:  I Know What You Ate Last Summer

Issue 19: I Know What You Ate Last Summer

photo by Rachel Hoogstraten

  1. Brief History
  2. Howard
  3. I Know What You Ate Last Summer…And the Summer Before That, And the Summer Before That…
  4. A Job Well Done
  5. Lobster
  6. Epazote:  A Rhoda No Longer
  7. Mahango And Mutete
  8. Like My Chowder, The Air Is Too Salty
  9. Woodsorrel

Issue 18: The Big Bang

Issue 18: The Big Bang

photo by Sarah Kanabay

  1. In the Beginning
  2. A Culinary Childhood in Three Verses
  3. Roll of Mustard Hear My Cry
  4. Out of the Arm of One Loaf…
  5. An Account of the First Annual Estero, Florida Billybon Festival, and What Occurred There
  6. Eating Like a Narcissist:  An Introduction
  7. The Unfinished History of You and How You Ate
  8. Portland, Oregon: Creation Myth of a Culinary Darling

Issue 17:  Crafty

Issue 17: Crafty

photo by Zach Webb

  1. What We Talk About When We Talk About Sandwiches
  2. Apprentice, Eating
  3. Daily and Supersubstantial
  4. Potluck
  5. I Think I Can’t
  6. Paella For One

Issue 16:  Land, Hoe!

  1. Worm Castings and Cat Pee: Journal of a Newbie Gardener
  2. The Tenacity of the Pea Plant
  3. Taproot
  4. Potatoes, Comrade
  5. Asparagus officinalis
  6. Burning Ring of (CSA) Fire
  7. Protect the Freshness is Over
  8. Secret Handshake

Issue 15:  Well-Versed

Issue 15: Well-Versed

Illustration by Jes Appleby

  1. To The Teeth
  2. I Want To Tell You Why I Sometimes Cry In The Produce Aisle
  3. A Fino, A Benzo, an Oloroso
  4. What April Opens
  5. Too Much Trouble Tea
  6. The Plum Thief
  7. The Fifth Year
  8. One Mile South
  9. Ralph’s Shirt
  10. Just Make Cookies
  11. Wax and Wane
  12. The Mouth’s Delights
  13. The Woods

Issue 14: The Great Escape

Issue 14: The Great Escape

Photo by Michael Madole   

  1. The Long Hill
  2. The Night Market
  3. Four Narrow Escapes
  4. A Trip For The Almost But Not Even Remotely Famously Food Rich
  5. Hawaii Five-D’Oh
  6. La Dolce Vita, Deep Fried
  7. CREPES!…Or Not
  8. Blood, Guts, And All The Rest
  9. Oh Canada!
  10. Cherimoya
  11. Family Common Eats

Issue 13: Gone Baby Gone

  1. Gone, Fishing
  2. Mi Amore
  3. Many Ingenious Lovely Things
  4. Rax Redux
  5. It’s Not You, It’s Me or Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  6. The 3 Musketeers’ Lament: A Failed Love Triangle
  7. La Petite Auberge
  8. Sugar.
  9. A Final Resting Place For The Loved And Lost

Issue 12: Resolved

Issue 12: Resolved

photo by Sarah Kanabay

  1. Back In the U.S. (peanut butter edition)
  2. 10 Justifications For Eating Out: A List of New Year’s Anti-Resolutions
  3. Henry Dreams of Barbecue (A Brooklyn Day)
  4. Resolutions For Inveterate Foodies– 2012 Worksheet (Please Print)
  5. Kitchen Resolutions 2013
  6. On Eating, 2013
  7. Ambitious Kitchen 2013: A Resolution for a Better You
  8. Wild Goose Chase, Resolved.

Issue 11:  Hung (With Care)

Issue 11: Hung (With Care)

photo by Sarah Kanabay

  1. The Perfect Stocking Stuffer
  2. How I Became A DIY Burnout
  3. The End Of Meals: A Meditation On Eating At The Edge Of The Mayan Apocalypse
  4. Without A Title
  5. The Christmas Pudding
  6. Boxed, Canned, Or Frozen
  7. Less Potato
  8. Burnt Ends

Issue 10: Roll Footage

Issue 10: Roll Footage

photo by Henry Visotski

  1. The Customer Is Always Wrong:  Restaurant Breakfasts In Film
  2. Responses To The Curious Reader Who May Not Have Yet Watched Babette’s Feast
  3. Big Night
  4. Putting You Off Your Grub
  5. Season One, Episode Six
  6. Following Your Coffee Muse To A Better Bean
  7. With Nary A Banana
  8. Comfort Me With Sharp Objects

Issue 9: Brew Ha Ha

Issue 9: Brew Ha Ha

photo by Sarah Kanabay

  1. Da White Pint: A Ghost Story
  2. Lovely Day For A Guinness
  3. ‘Lite’ Protection
  4. Terms of Enbeerment: Towards A Lexicon Of Beery Sayings
  5. The Most Powerful Hour
  6. Pumpkin King: Searching For The Perfect Fall Brew
  7. Pamela Puts Her Nose In: Three Beers For The Autumnal Imbiber

Issue 8: Roquefort And Roll High School

Issue 8: Roquefort And Roll High School

photo by Michael Madole

  1.  The Whole Wide World
  2. Stone Avenue
  3. With My Mind On My Oven, And My Oven On My Mind
  4. Everything’s Conventional
  5. Knobs And Dials
  6. The Sounds of Silence
  7. Music For Forks And Knives
  8. First World Hunter Gatherer:  A Soundtrack For The Solitary Shopper
  9.  Grandma’s Feather Bed
  10. Somewhere Between Blue And Orange

 Issue 7:  All Tongs Considered

  1. Issue 7: All Tongs Considered

    photo by Sarah Kanabay


  2.  Tending to a Case of Grad School-Itis
  3. Silver Spoons:  Remembering a Well-Set Table
  4.  Frontier Chef
  5. Spatula of Salvation
  6. The Scoop
  7. Coffee Chronicles:  When Things Go Wrong
  8. Spoon, Man
  9. The Incredible High-End Bird Crap Scooping Jar Opener
  10.  Little Green Knife

Issue 6:  Forbidden Fruit (But, Can You Eat It?)

Issue 6: Forbidden Fruit (But Can You Eat It?)

photo by Michael Madole

  1. Stank
  2.  In Praise of Garnish
  3.  Farm Share Survival Tips
  4.  Can’taloupe
  5. Are Ya Achin’?
  6.  Forbidden Fruit:  But Can You Eat It?
  7.  Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down

Issue 5: Fireflies

Farmer General Issue 5: Fireflies

Photograph by Sarah Kanabay

  1. Mirella’s Kitchen
  2. Nothing But Some Beans And Rice
  3.  A Tongan Feast
  4.  Cult Classics
  5.  The Spectrum
  6. Arlene Brokaw: Inspired Farming
  7.  Onion
  8.  For the Love of the Dark Virgin (Chocolate)
  9.  The Dregs
  10.  In the Jaws

Issue 4: Motherlover

Farmer General, Issue 4: Motherlover

Illustration by Anna Pearlman

  1. Just Like Mama Used To Make
  2. Open Kitchen, Be My Mother
  3. The Womb Of My Discontent
  4. The Mother Of Invention: A Reluctant Confession
  5. Marie-Christine
  6. Ode To Mother Grape
  7. Strange Mother Tongue: Unexpected Stories Of Unusual Liqueurs
  8.  Making Pancakes

Issue 3: Black Sheep

Farmer General, Issue 3: Black Sheep

Illustration by Maggie Madole

  1. In Between
  2. Meat Is Murder
  3. What The Dickens
  4. How To Pound A Moose
  5. Suspicion Confirmed
  6. Cervo
  7. No Booze For You, or Why Would a Craft Beer Bar Close Early Every Night?
  8. Notable And Potable Vol. 19: A Rum For Dr. Jane

Issue 2: Lions, Tigers, and Bears–Eat ‘Em

Farmer General, Issue 2: Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Eat 'Em

photo: Lena Webb

  1. Goat
  2. Eating Icons
  3. Stalking The Wild Hungarian Bitters
  4. The Birthday Gift
  5. Big Buck Hunter Down Under
  6. Sea Meat
  7. Notable And Potable Vol. 18: This IS Your Mother’s Bone Luge
  8. Hunting for A Woodless Veggie Burger
  9. Please Pass The Euphemism

Issue 1: I Love You, But I’ve Chosen Dark Meat

Farmer General, Issue 1

photo: Henry Visotski

  1. Caramel Apple, Dulce Filled, Burning Spoon
  2. The Best Part, Give Or Take
  3. Notable And Potable Vol. 17: The Spirits Are Willing, And The Flesh Is At Cocktail Week
  4. Oysters In Your Mustache: The Rise and Inevitable Future Decline of the Cocktail and Oyster Bar
  5. Tropic of Cutlet
  6. Drinking Alone With Attempted Blogger
  7. Agaricus the Champ(ignon)
  8. You Say ‘Salud’ I Say ‘Satan’: Satanic Feasting In Early Modern Europe
  9. The Meal: Much More Than Eating