How To Have A Body


Here are your limbs and where

Oh here is your

Head it has these many

Places for looking and this line

Jaw to hair that a hand

Could go, hesitantly


It’s not clear? A finger passage

Spells out the unspoken

Is an alphabet of unconscious–

You mean you just

Want the manual, the sockets the

Sight and its correction, the bone

That follows the other bone, down

To where the ground

Begins, to where all

Sentences end


The allen wrench

Of your arteries, the pill

That puts you out


Tab A

Slot B

Requires some





How To Be In Motion


It’s been some time, and maybe this is

What it was like to drive the lunar

Rover, familiar and not

Familiar, the luminous curve

Making a distant signature of gravity

On the dark mouth of space


It’s just a

Dashboard, and your leg below

It, levering–

The place where breaks have been

Bonded back, the stiff pain

That means motion


It takes you to the grocery store

And wanders down the aisles, each

Bright thing calling out a name, calling

Out your lack of

List and you alone in it, not sure

How you got here


Six months of

Memory and

Celery spelling

Why you’re crying, why a hole punched

Its dim fist through your

Surprised heart

In this stupid

Parking lot.




How To Remember


You never meant

No, they never


Would you be able?

No, I would not and then

That makes me

That makes you nothing, but what you

Choose, really


Remember Patrick Swayze? And

This is your

Dance space

This is my

Dance space

But also Nicki Minaj

You don’t tell me

Who I am

I tell you

Who I



They will want

You to stay small, to

Keep the lights on

In that one spot


It’s a fire


And you left it

To burn