Marie-Laure Couet : n. [mehreelor] Aspiring artisan cheesemaker, affineur and goat farmer.  Dancer and wilderness backpacker.  Environmental and political science-educated.  Interested in sustainable land use, renewable energy, healthy cities and extraterrestrial exploration.
Sarah Kanabay is a bonfire in a tin can. She believes in pork, plaid, well-made boots, and wants you to go on a late night drive.
Brian LeRoi is cloaked in mystery.  Or possibly marsala.  One of those things.
Chris Onstad has an unimportant degree from an important university, and has shamed a Hungarian taxi driver with his novelty stash of poorly-secured Polish mens’ magazines.
JayBill McCarthy no longer wishes to be known as Jaybill.  He is now Larchmont, the Cheesemonger, and these are his faithful hounds:  Stilton, and Pierre Robert.  Please act accordingly.
Giana Bernardini baker, revolutionary, stronger than the might of twelve Christmas hams.
Eric Hillerns is not judgmental about whisky. In most other matters, however, he holds a great deal of positions; if, perhaps, far fewer truths. He assumes the man who speaks loudest usually wins. Particularly if winning means the dude with the big fucking mouth is buying the next round.
Sabrina Braswell is your monkey’s uncle.
Pamela Pennywhistle thinks that whatever you’re doing is probably undignified.
Jay Holmes is a small nodule of the ungainly rhizome that is the Canadian agricultural trade; or rather in the bureaucratic bit of it that affords him time to sit, sip tea, and to ponder what lessons we can learn from particularly lucky racing horses and Flanders and Swann songs.
Allison E. Jones is a writer and photographer living between the vinyl seat cushions of dimly-lit corner booths in restaurants around Portland, Oregon. She is best known for her ability to drink large amounts of tap water, and is currently in a long-term relationship with the Maillard reaction. They have no children.
Ileanna Portillo ’s palate is based on a strong foundation of whisky, bacon, lemon, and chocolate. A clever pho pun is always at the tip of her tongue. She lives and writes poems in Los Angeles.
Jenn Mar doesn’t care what her bio says, as long as her name is spelled right. She lives in Amherst, MA.
Lena Webb , as a recovering molecular biology PhD candidate, finds that experimental mixology allows her to carry on with one of the most pleasing aspects of Science–mixing large amounts of liquids together in glass containers. She would like to note that, no matter how prestigious, you still can’t drink a Nature publication.
Heather Arndt Anderson is, to borrow a phrase, from Circumstances. She thinks she may have invented a way to combine a pizza pocket with a Bavarian pretzel, and is currently brainstorming a way to make homemade Mountain Dew. She is basically equal parts David Attenborough, Charlie Trotter and Dawn Weiner.
Megan Friedel is a carrot cake addict who also dabbles in chocolate stout, all five flavors of Lemonheads, and triple-cream cheeses. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where she regularly gets lost in the woods and charged by indignant moose.
Ellen Saunders is an occasional poet, sometimes shortbread engineer, once in a while fisherwoman, and all-day Scrabble enthusiast.
Henry Visotski pays for gourmet coffee beans and fine shirting by working in communications/marketing/social media/online product development. He writes and takes naps in Brooklyn. He is pretty sure he brings it, but cannot figure out what “it” is.
Zoe Rose Riccio is an eater of many but certainly not all things and is married to an eater of fewer things. She firmly believes that even the eaters of very few things are entitled to gustatory delight. She finds bergamot to be the most comforting scent in the world and wishes makers of scented things would take note.
Attempted Blogger analyzes pizza box graphic design. No, not for a living.
John North Radway wants more birch trees and ravens. He suspects that woodsmoke improves most things, but as an empiricist he has to keep trying.
Peggy Webb bio???   you mean like…I am Peg Webb, suburban geezer. I do social work for money, knit, read and solve difficult crossword puzzles for fun, and have various other semi-developed skill sets that get dragged out when necessary.  Cooking is not one of them.
Joseph F. Conway wants you to know that the F stands for Francis.
Tiffany Nych doesn’t hike in the snow or chase bears anymore. She still has the pack, but has a new girlfriend.
Rachel Hoogstraten eats rhubarb raw and has more than one punctuation tattoo.
Patrick Barrett is not above whatever you’re about to suggest.
LuAnn Saunders-Kanabay is, in fact, stupenda.
Danielle Smith  fusses over baby plants. She wants you to sit down at her coffee table and pretend to be interested in her photo album of poppies and hollyhocks. You should probably buy garlic from her.
Zach Torrin is a bone-collecting, wood-working New Englander who will never pass up an invitation for a late night swim.  He suggests you slow roast sungold cherry tomatoes and eat them at every meal so you can be as happy as he is.
Bowen Close would rather be eating.  That’s pretty much the only thing she knows for certain.
Philip C. Maurer inhabits the borderland between strong roots and rash decisions.  You may recognize him from his appearance as Cottontail Bunny in Northview Preschool’s untitled vernal production.
Rachel Hackett-Dickinson was born and raised in Maine, where she learned to appreciate the finer things, like snow with maple syrup and Moxie. She loves horses, local eats, and bourbon.
Roland The Heartless S. Thompson Gunner is an atheist and a golem.  This walking contradiction of a man is as lost as he is soulless and spineless. Called the Peter Pan of his generation, you can find this never grownup baking bread, carrot weeding, and traveling on shoestring budget. Be advised, he is sure not to master any tricks of any trade.
Edward James (Black) Beard Award Thatch , Foolish Ed, or Fast Eddy, is a whiz when it comes to cheese. Though he lacks action in romance, he makes supper with his charm and wit, and he has been deemed the Pablo Neruda of the pirates. Freedom to Mr. Thatch is a cup of ice water or agua de pipa, AAARRRRoooz con pollo, and to float with the flotsam into the horizon, sails full of hot air.
Aurora Rainette lives in Greenfield, and has spent her whole life in Western Mass. She teaches yoga, sells cheese, knits, and hangs out with her husband and furry creatures.
Caroline M. Cooper is working on her first novel.  Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The South China Morning Post, Tank Magazine and on National Public Radio as well as New York’s WNYC and WQXR, and some of it can be found here.
Devin Kanabay is both the bouncer and the cooler.  And also knows his way around a pie crust.
Kyle Spooner mostly wishes that his name weren’t attached to things on the internet, and makes a more than passable loaf of bread.
Michael Madole has chatted with Berbers.  But has also fixed the sink.   His photographs can be found here.
Jaimee Rondeau has both feet on the ground, and sometimes, both hands too.
Brian Snell  is also available in Diet, Citrus Fusion, and New Wildberry Blast.
John B.  is the perfect way to ruin a family dinner or round of golf.
As a child, Carlos Mason Wehby thought it was funny to eat paper.  Since then, he has practiced more conventional (if not more healthy) diets.  Like when he subsisted on oyster crackers and Clearly Canadian.  Then he was starchitarian.  Then he preferred food with bones (wings and ribs).  Then he went vegetarian, and vegan.  Then he became pregnatarian (meaning he ate everything his pregnant wife suddenly, as in mid-bite, couldn’t stomach).  Carlos is now a recovering cleaner (meaning he tries to stop himself from eating everything his wife and son can’t finish off their plates).  Carlos loves cinnamon rolls most of all (and curry).  Would you like to play a game of Questions?
Laurel Damashek is often stopped on the street by strangers asking for directions or confirmation of adequate postage.
Andrew J Kerbel believes patience in fatherhood is like learning to prepare a good curry.  He carefully folds pieces of paper until they’re ready to fly and tightens song strings until they’re ready to sing. And sometimes he must go all in and splash through puddles in the spring with his wife and son. But the curry, that’s always ready to enjoy after his son goes to bed.
Quentin Greif is a writer and teacher based in Hoboken, NJ. He is originally from Texas. Like much of his childhood he spends his days being mocked by teenagers and his nights working on his first novel.
Michael Gundlach likes to eat eggplant, scaffold the bar with conversation, and run around a field wearing large papier-mâché masks. Currently, he is making drawings in a city filled with drawings.
Diana Barnes-Brown is a writer and sandwich enthusiast who lives in Portland, Oregon. Diana is a queer feminist with a physical disability, and she is currently completing a book-length body of work that explores the intersection of illness, violence, community, desire, and survival. Her work has also appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Fence, Sonora Review, and Bitch.

Tess Perrone Poe makes stuff and makes stuff happen. She steps into crosswalks without looking, reads the news too much, and has a “black thumb,” which means she definitely can’t grow tomatoes, but can cook you an unforgettable tray of eggplant parm from scratch.

About Joe Kopera , it’s been said, “We often make fun of Joe for living under a rock but it turns out that’s what he does for work.”

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