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Animal Cruelty

Posted on January 1st, 2017

The feeling inside was powder and flame in the gun of my throat.   I didn’t know how to shape my fingers ‘round your wrists so that you’d understand.   When I said ribbons yellow and turn, what I meant was the village burned. Here,   below our feet. In the smoke, the sound was a fast hand erasing.   That winter, the sky was so very white and nothing changed until you— you became this other in a flash of rapid oxidation: too   like the whole world: where nothing could be counted   or meant.   * * *   When I broke the jar, it was because I threw it at the floor.   Or it was because a dark creature…

Kyoto Protocol

Posted on January 1st, 2017

“…and now your insides are raising  an ineffable racket…”   –Carlos Drummond de Andrade (Elizabeth Bishop trans.)   I finally turned to you and said, I’m scared of what is happening to my body. Oh, person! The week before,   I’d held you inside that fear. It was a kind of heat, a realness. The wish to transmit   kindness without pain is a form of pain. We had just started to be good   at teaching each other words for things: persimmon, catkin, mosaicism, friend.   I’d already decided I didn’t want you living in me like that: all that longing, unthrottled cry   in the dark. But then, walking back in the pre-dusk, I watched you tremble once with a smallness,  …