Have you rifled through our electronic underdrawers? Perused our pages? Thought, by Jove, my epigrams about The Static Nature of Toast would be perfect for the Farmer General? Fantastic! Get in touch with us via the Contact page and someone will be in touch about potential publication. We are interested primarily in literary non-fiction, but, have room for poetry, fiction, and humor/satire as well.

Legal Beagle Fine Print:

Publication Rights

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Other Terms

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  • The Work has not been previously published and any factual matter contained in the Work is true and correct

As applicable:

  • The Farmer General shall have the right to check the Work for accuracy. If requested, Contributor will forward to The Farmer General copies of any quote written material, records, notes or tapes of interviews, a list of phone numbers or email addresses of people used as sources;
  • Contributor further agrees to cooperate fully with the editorial staff to re-write the Work, as necessary, per the instructions of his or her editor; and
  • Contributor agrees that The Farmer General shall have the right to manipulate, edit or adjust the Work as necessary for publication, and that publication of the Work will be solely at the discretion of The Farmer General.

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