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Guenevere, A Portrait

Posted on March 17th, 2014

Sheathe your tongues, gentlemen! You wrangle, you haggle over the law under the guise of righteousness. But a man with an angel’s face and a devil’s tongue is only mistaken for so long. And a woman? A woman who knows her place perhaps does not speak amongst such noble gentlemen, amongst the chosen knights of the Table Round. Even a woman with a crown may keep her expressions to nods and glances, or as it suits her, a show of tears. But what of a wife who does not protect the name of her husband when he has given her his name, and more than his name, his kingdom? ‘How dare I?’ I ask myself. I can only raise my voice amidst the din, against this rancor, out…

Dorothy’s Ever After

Posted on January 18th, 2014

What could I tell them? That behind the whirling curtain, “There’s a curtain. . . .” All Em could say, after not letting me go (or go on) – “What on Earth happened to your shoes, child?”   Before I met you: I loved dust; I gave up training Toto to speak; Em squeezed my hand with every passing thunderbolt.   Do you see how we dress infinity in a bowtie?   Suspicions grew when Toto stopped aging. Eternal youth. Em and Henry feared I had made some depraved pact. We were all of us ever so grateful for your attentions: You were a welcome cyclone.   You adore me. I am your door to happiness. How do I tell you that behind the…

“I know what you ate last summer…And the summer before that, And the summer before that…”

Posted on August 19th, 2013

Grapes that gush – with cotton candy? Melons that melt – into lemonade? This universe is more diverse For cousins bred and heirlooms saved.       For school, I took a big red apple. Delicious? Once, but now no more. And then Pink Lady turned my head; The doctor’s advice again is sure.       Get thee to a local garden – Plant a seed, and watch it grow – Then savor the flavor of all your efforts! (The monocrop’s a dinosaur.)