“What keeps me going is goals.” – Muhammad Ali

“What keeps me going is the perfect balance of coffee and hard liquor.” – Heather Arndt Anderson


  1. Aim for improved household economy by employing 19th-century domestic science. First step: monthly menu planning using a good old-fashioned bill of fare. Note to self: include more burritos and fewer veal brains than 19th-century bills of fare.
  2. Still on the fence about this whole “gluten” thing. Just in case, bake and consume at least one loaf of bread every week. You know, for the sake of science.
  3. Try a new recipe once a week. Instead of the internet, use one of the million or so cookbooks you already own. Note to self: resist urge to dropkick three year-old when he declares “I need noodles” instead of whatever you’ve prepared. Take the opportunity to learn from his wisdom. Don’t we all, in fact, need noodles?
  4. In keeping with proper Montessori protocol, teach three year-old how to fix his own damn breakfast. Show him how to properly poach an egg, then we can move on to Hollandaise. Because man, his eggs benny are terrible.
  5. Try a new lactoferment from the book of that exquisitely mustachioed Sandor Katz.. Do not ever attempt to lackadaisically pickle radishes again, unless you want your house to smell like the crack of a gym sock’s ass.
  6. Give charcuterie another shot. You know you can do better than corned beef that tastes like hot dogs. Scratch that – make your own hot dogs.
  7. Finally turn that rusty, behemoth grill out back into the smoker you’ve always wanted. Resist the urge to throw your broody hen in there when she stops laying for the tenth time.
  8. Identify and eliminate obstacles in your path to culinary enlightenment. Note to self: learn how to smoke a whole chicken.