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The Fifth Year

Posted on April 18th, 2013

So there is this tree that I drive by every day that I leave the house. A long time ago, this tree grew up around this sharp-edged rock (Probably shale). As it grew, a corner of the rock became lodged in the trunk. And so, the rock was lifted up off the ground (about a foot). You can only see it when you are driving North and sometimes I will go seasons when I forget about it. But it stays with me, like an itch I can’t scratch. As if I could scrape off a scab of longing and ease some pain inside my heart by removing the rock from the tree and dropping it unceremoniously on the ground. I’m usually driving too fast…

The Birthday Gift

Posted on March 16th, 2012

I had worked all day making hundreds of loaves of bread by hand. I was tired after driving four hours to Yosemite with overnight backpacks, cigarettes and enough food to last for two days. I was ready for some sleep. We got into our campsite at 11:30pm cranky, hungry and bickering. We rolled out of my pickup, donned our headlamps and set to constructing the tent. We were arguing about which pole should be inserted first (we did it wrong every time, no matter whose idea it was) when we heard a mighty “WHUMP”. We swung our headlamps over to the truck; “my backpack is gone!”. Of course it was MY pack; I carried the food on trips. And now this could only mean…