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Don’t You Shut Out The Lights And I’ll Light Mine

Posted on March 21st, 2017

We promised to keep the lanterns going to tell each other from what way we were headed to give each other enough time to pack a bag and make a bed • I am looking for you at the end of this dock Out in the world. Are you leaving or headed home? I thought we had the lights lit • Those fucking matches seem to have walked away on their own. • The sea currents seem confused messy, the waves are breaking in a way impossible to swim. Gusts are blowing in all directions back and forth, even down Overwhelmed but found. • Unfurling my folded fingers, grabbing for a match The wind takes them loose and fluttering towards land, towards sea. Match…

My Pizza ‘Tis Of Thee

Posted on June 10th, 2016

My father is a pepperoni lover. Dad grew up in Sandusky, Ohio with one sister and two brothers. He is the son of a tennis player, go-cart racer, and pool shark (my grandma was a badass). He is the son of a German grocer who would take him to Chicago to select beef for his meat counter. He used to deliver groceries in exchange for comic books. He would ride his bike down to the train station and watch the trains come in and leave for points north, south, east and west. These visits turned into a lifelong passion for model trains. He loves being on the water, beer, photography, John Wayne movies, and the practice of medicine. He loves goofing around with the…