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The theme for the December/January issue is ‘Open And Shut’.

Year endings are always times of transition, of things opening and other things closing–but we also like the idea of the ways in which the experience of living a year takes something that you think you understand (the classic ‘open and shut case’), the tropes of the fresh start, and completely upends them every time.  Despite ourselves, we think we all head into new years saying ‘this time, X is gonna be different’ and, every time, we’re proven wrong in some ways, vindicated in others.  This is also a driving force behind edibles, and, art–what we think we know, turned into something slightly strange.  Something that seems strange, that turns familiar.  You think you have it all figured out–the gods know otherwise.
We hope this tickles your fancy, too, and you’ll join us for another round of musings.   Send them to ‘editor@farmergeneral.com’
Articles are due November 30th.



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